Day four Kranenburg – Kleve

Day four Kranenburg – Kleve

1 October 2018

Kranenburg – Kleve


It was a quiet day. When I woke up this morning I congratulated my host because it was her birthday and she invited me to have breakfast at her parents house which was only a few minutes walk from her house. They were really friendly.


After breakfast I packed my bag and headed for Kleve. Here is a small impression of the route.

I also claimed my first ‘mountain’, the Motimansberg, it was only 58 meters so it was not a big deal.

Most of the route was through the forest and the weather was quite alright, I had a few showers but most of the time it was dry.


 halfway the afternoon I arrived in Kleve, way earlier than I thought I would. So I had time to look around and then I saw this nice garage door with Donald Duck.

I stayed at Saladine, a guy from couchsurfing. He was kind and cooked a good meal for us.


One thought on “Day four Kranenburg – Kleve

  1. Aladin, ik geniet!!!
    Kijk elke keer uit naar je volgende bericht en voel me vredig over je reis.
    Heerlijk om zo mee te kunnen leven.
    ik spel het weerbericht; alsof ik het weer zo zou kunnen beïnvloeden in jouw voordeel.
    Tot…/ weet ik nog niet.
    dikke zoen, je moeder.

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