Day 139 Budapest – The Netherlands

Day 139 Budapest – The Netherlands

13 February 2019
Budapest – The Netherlands



It is a weird day . I have until 14:00 hours to spent in the city and then I need to be on the bus. I had breakfas at the hostel and then I went to a few things in the city that I wanted to see but didn’t when I was here.
Malicious pleasure was one of them (this car).

I also found a manhole cover that I hadn’t seen.
I took the metro to Kossuth Lajos tér, there is this lovely statue of this man and his dog.


I was on my way to see the ‘shoes’ this is the place where 3500 people (800 Jews) were shot out of their shoes and m their dead bodies would fall into the Donau.

I left to collect my bag at the hostel.

I had some time left but not much therefore I took the metro to Hösök tere.

But then I needed to go to népliget, I was waiting for the traffic light to cross the road and take the yellow line. There was a street artist who was juggle and trundle a hoop and let her dog jump through it. Just before the light became green again she went around with her head. She was good and I wanted to give her something (and get rid of the buch of coins I had) But she said l because I was a traveler and hickhiker as well she didn’t accept my money. It was a nice way of leaving Budapest.

At Néplegt I got on the bus and it took a few hours to get to Wien, where I needed to change. I had about an hour so I made couscous.

Then the long travel home really started.
Then ‘suddenly’ after about 36 hours I was back in my home town.

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  1. Welcome home Aladin!. Wer zagen elkaar al even vandaag, maar ik zal je blog voorlopig moeten missen. Ik ben er een beetje verslaafd aan geraakt merk ik, want door je foto’s en verhalen ben ik met droge voeten met je meegereisd op een zeer interessante voettocht. De schoenen langs de kade in Budapest vond ik wel een ijzersterk beeld. Dank dat je mij en anderen zo op de hoogte hebt gehouden van je wel en wee, want wee was er zeker ook!

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