Day 137 Foktő & Kalocsa

Day 137 Foktő & Kalocsa

11 February 2019
Foktő & Kalocsa

Today was a resting day. Not so much going on. When I woke up, Piroska had already turned on my laundry. We had breakfast together and then we both needed to do some stuff for ourselves. We had lunch together and around 3 Piroska took me with her car to Kalocsa to do some site seeing. She also took me to a good friend of her who is a potter.
He showed me around his workshop with different kinds of ceramics.


Here you see black ceramics. He is one of the two potters in Hungary who are making this. I had never heard of the existence of black ceramics and it was interesting to see.


He was very kind to me, after he showed me around he gave me a snaps cup and a ceramic bluebird . This is supposed to bring luck.

After the pottery I said goodbye to Piroska and I went to the Donau at kilometer 1516

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