Day 136 Ordas – Foktő (Kalocsa)

Day 136 Ordas – Foktő (Kalocsa)

10 February 2019
Ordas – Foktő (Kalocsa)


Chilping birds and a woodpecker was the sound that I woke up with. Could it be that the coldest part of the winter would be over? At least not for my olive oil, this was as solid as ketchup.

To warm up I made tea. Then I packed my tent.



I walked into Ordas, a little village where there was not so much to do, no shops at all.





Here is a nice example of how rainwater is discarded from the house.


At this water point I brushed my teeth.



When I left the village, the road was straight for almost the rest of the day. Along the road I found this leg, and I was wondering where the rest was and I found the second part 10 meters further.




Then I saw the first flower of the new year.

The road I was following went into the direction of a (small) airport. They were constant flying over Cessna, which they where going to land.


This high quality road was amazing. How slow you can you go.

The route lead onto the airfield.

Here you see a Cessna  landing. But they are actually not landing, after touch down they take off immediately. Maybe they where practicing landing.


This road was actually so glorious after a day in the mud.

Most of the airport is in decade, only a small part is stil in use(for Cessna’s ).






Here you see one of the old buildings, all windows are gone.


I left the airfield.


An old railroad crossing.


This evening I would stay with Piroska, she lives in Foktő and with her car she picked me up in Kalocsa. Her welcome was warm and generous.

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