Day 135 Dunapataj – Ordas

Day 135 Dunapataj – Ordas

9 February 2019
Dunapataj – Ordas

The orchard was covered in fogg when I woke up. I waited until the chilly air had perished .


I made some tea and checked the building on te left, even if there was not a possibility to get in. I had tried yesterday but without succes. On the first floor there was an open window, but this was at least 4 meters off the ground so no way that I could have reached that. The water well was dry (concteer structer behind the tree on the left). Now I needed to go to Dunapataj, which was not my plan. I wanted to skip Dunapataj as it was less kilometres to walk than heading straight to Ordas. But in Ordas is also not a supermarket and as I was running out of food, I was left with no choice.

When I left the orchard I passed by another orchard  with a bee farm as well. Then I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday. I turned left to Dunapataj. It was a long straight road through the farm land.

At the dyke you see the stairs with a gauge (measurement Scale) for how high the water can come. So all the land around me is riverbanks and can flod wit high water.

I think this is the local waterboard.

So imagen that all that you see is under water.

I entered Dunapataj.

This is the townhall.

I came to go to the supermarket, but one after another was closed. As they close at 11 or 13 hours on Saturday. 🙁

Luckily the supermarket at the end of Dunapataj Was open and I could buy some food and water.

On the way back to the route I stopped by a bakery.

Wrote a post card and ate the pastry.

After the backary the church was ringing the bells for 5 to 10 minutes and when I went there the church was locked, like all churches are, even on sundays.





I kept following this big Donau dyke.

At Ordas I took a look at the waterline.

Then I pitch the tent at a wide area of the dyke and cooked couscous and Chicken breast.


I update my music page  so that you can listen most songs without having to login to Spotify. So enjoy listening.

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