Day 87 My backpack was gone. Neulengbach – Tullnerbach

Day 87 My backpack was gone. Neulengbach – Tullnerbach

22 December 2018
Neulengbach – Tullnerbach

My backpack disappoints in thin air, so I had no choice to just go to my next host.

Be aware for the black sheep.

I had a splinter in my sock, this costed me half an hour. I sat down to remove it from my sock. I used my foam mat to sit on . And then I put my shoe back on and went on. After about 15 min I realized that I had forgotten my foam mat and went back to get it. Because it is so nasty to sit on a wet spot and then have a wet trouser for a few hours or the rest of the day.

But after the rain there is sunshine and in between there is a rainbow.

The road went uphill over a pretty [mooi] walking trail.

It was raining and a bit of wet snow fell down, but it was not so bad . The rain was however cold. Brrrr.

I walked in this small village. It was very calm and almost no one around.

The village did had a bus connection. One time a day.

By the way: never grow up. and play with snow and build a dam.

Across the tunnel there was no footpath.


I walked by the train station and I liked the wheels on the train(?)

The last road before I arrived at Alexandra and her family.

When I arrived at Alexandra I was relieved. There was my backpack. Andre an Sonja had been so kind to bring my big backpack to here. This was truly the best that they could ever do. Thanks so much.

2 thoughts on “Day 87 My backpack was gone. Neulengbach – Tullnerbach

  1. Cool Aladin!! Keep on going. Nice way you describe your experiences. Have it published as a book when you get back, and maybe try to get some news attention during your trip. Write RTL nieuws/ NOS so they will start to follow you ( only if you like to get the extra attention ofcourse)

    1. Thank you.
      Maybe I will your the second one how suggested this.
      The media attention I am not sure I I would like that. I will think about it.

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