Day 84 Melk – Sankt Margarethen

Day 84 Melk – Sankt Margarethen

19 December 2018
Melk – Sankt Margarethen

In the night I woke up to go to the toilet. I thought it would be really cold, but when I went out and back again my sleeping bag was nice and warm. So you see everything is relative.
When I packed my tent it was in covered in a thin layer of ice which made it difficult to fit in the tent bag. Then I went to a supermarket cafe to warm up and do some shopping.

Then I went to the monastery of Melk and took a guided tour. The tour started at 14.00 hours, so I had to wait a while. Then I met this friendly guy who’s name I forgot. He told me about him travelling to Korea and how weird it was to be there. He said that if he would have been home at Christmas, he would have hosted me. Nice guy. If you read this please put your name in the comment than I will add it ;).

Now some photos of the monastery. it was built in the barock style.

some glasse art

this guy is also making an impressive journey


One of the guides said that I could sleep at the monastery, so I asked but unfortunately there was a school class so they had no space. I decided to use my spare day to travel half of the distance to Sint Polten.

As I walked by a graveyard there was this enormous pile of garbage. Even the dead keep producing waist.

There was also a candle vending machine and I noticed that the candles with Maria or Jesus were one euro more expensive.

I left Melk and followed a walking path, but at a certain point the road ended in the forest. It was dark already. Luckily I found another road after a few minutes. This road ended at a buzzy autobahn, so I decided to stay there for the night. At that moment I received a message of a friend of the brother of Alex (Aribing) who offered me a host and came to pick me up and we drove to Sankt Margarethen. They had an old wooden stove for cooking and heating the kitchen and living room. After dinner I fell asleep on the couch in the kitchen.

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