Day 51 Dancing in the suburbs of München

Day 51 Dancing in the suburbs of München

17 November 2018
Dancing in the suburbs of München.

I left my hostel that I had stayed at the last couple of days (Dennis and Houke). I was happy how flexible they were. I could come and go whenever I liked.

Unfortunately non of the mail people have sent me did arrive. So I am searching for a new adress and will let you know if I found one.

I took the S-Bahn to Freising and I arrived at the place where the dancing would take place. I was welcomed by a shouting German that crushed me totally for taking the wrong door. He pointed out that I should take the other doors, they were at the other side of the building. So I did and ended up in the kitchen and then the Angry man Started laugh.

I ditched my stuff at the wardrobe and took my cooker out of my backpack. I got Some water and made pasta outside because the prices in the restaurant for a meal are going through the roof. Ten minutes later I was having ravioli.

On the way back to the restaurant I spilled fuel over my jacket and my trousers. The whole wardrobe smelled like fuel.
I was way too early so I had to wait another hour before the ball started. It was fun to dance again. They had made an mazourka on the song Amazing grace.

This is the last song of the evening:

I could stay over by one of the organisers of the bal (Jürgen). He had two other guests. One of them had bought a bunch of cheese, so when we arrived at Jürgens home around one, we had cheese and bread. I liked it.

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