Day 130 Érd – Ercsi

Day 130 Érd – Ercsi

3 February 2019
Érd – Ercsi



I started my day here
I had put my tent next to this building and here I made couscous in broth and used the chair to sit on. It was pretty luxury compared to sitting on the ground.
There was also an electric pole with a socket and I tried to charge my battery pack, but my charger didn’t fit.

Then I left and the road went, once again, up.

The road existed of the nasty clay that I discussed yesterday with a sticky and slippery surface.

I ate a pizza for less than €3 and then I pitched my tent.
I thought it was a good place, but when I unpacked my tent the wind started to blow strong and it started to rain. So the only thing I could do was continue putting up my tent, so I could go quickly inside. To be sure I also anchored my tent. Then I tucked myself in and watched some series.

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