Day 123 moving

Day 123 moving

27 January 2019


Miklós was getting visitors and that’s why he asked me to move on. It took me a long time to pack my bag because I had taken everything out to reorganize everything. I also spent time on my planning.

When I left at Miklós I thanked him for looking after me and he was so kind to drop me of at Flora, where I would stay tonight.

When I asked Flora if I could stay with her I put some code words in the message (green mouse and rainbow) and I made this of it.


‘Als een muis over de groene baan van de regenboog loopt naar de pot met goud word de muis dan groen? Ik denk dat de muis vooral teleurgesteld is dat het goud is en geen kaas.’


Her reaction was as follows:


‘Remélem, az egér nem volt nagyon csalódott. Ha tényleg megtalálta az aranyat, biztos tud rajta sajtot venni. Kivéve, ha megijednek tőle a boltban.’


She is a friendly girl. She made an egg for me and very good thee. While playing Carcassonne, She was a good opponent and it was fun 😀. She gave me some advice to find hosts in other towns.


We also looked at some old money and inflation.
In a span of little over a year there were 27 new money bill introduced”


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